Vinod’s 12 “Unhyped” New Areas in Internet and Mobile

  1. Data Reduction or Filters: “Reducing, filtering and processing data streams to deliver the information or action that is relevant to you.”
  2. Big data or Analytics: “Analyzing massive amounts of structured and unstructured data to deliver unique services or analysis.”
  3. Emotion: “Services that evoke strong emotions in users.”
  4. Education 2.0 : “Education models that dramatically reduce the cost and increase the availability of quality learning.”
  5. TV 2.0 : “TV as an interactive and social experience both on the primary and the second screen.”
  6. Social Next : “Social as a useful and productive part of lives—enabling collaboration and deep community building around the world in specific areas.”
  7. Interest-based networks: “User driven content that maps to people’s interests both for a better user experience and better targeting.”
  8. Health 2.0 : “Exponentially growing data will yield personalized lifestyle suggestions, improved outcomes, predictive diagnostics and applications we can’t imagine.”
  9. Internet of Things/Universal ID/NFC/Smart sensors: “Sensors and authentication technologies which will interconnect everything and remake our interaction with the world around us.”
  10. Personal Collaborative Publishing : “Truly free press with no barriers to entry and personalized interest-based curation.”
  11. Utility Apps: “Leverage device ubiquity and context to deliver valuable services.”
  12. Marketplaces & Disintermediation : “Remove the middle man, increase market efficiency and produce better results, faster.“



Venture Capital Statistics

United States

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Economic Impact of Venture Capital

Venture funding stalls in third quarter


Q2 2009 VC Industry Overview
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Québec’s Venture Capital Market in Q2 2009

The Impact of Venture Capital in Canada on Economy, Jobs and Innovation

Venture capital deals plummet in Q3

BDC Gas Tank is Filled Up!

Industry Canada announced on Monday that they will be providing additional funding for BDC.

The funding allocation includes $350M for BDC‘s venture capital activities that will allow it to make additional direct investments of $260 million over three years in Canadian businesses already in the BDC portfolio, as well as investments in new seed technology companies and later-stage technology companies. It will also allow BDC to commit $90 million over three years to private, independent Canadian venture capital funds.

This funding is in addition to the $75 million in venture capital funds allocated in the Government of Canada’s Budget 2008, which is being used to support the creation of a privately run venture capital fund.

This is great news!  BDC has been, and continues to be a key player in helping grow Canada’s innovation, economic growth and economic diversity.

US VC Investments Down 61% in 1Q09

Reports from Mercury Press highlight the continuing decline of Venture Capital in the US:

Nationally, VCs invested $3 billion into U.S. companies, down 61 percent from the $7.7 billion invested in the first quarter of 2008. It was smallest quarterly sum since 1997, and the sharpest decline on record.

In the Bay Area, the world’s leading hub of innovation, $1.2 billion was invested in 172 deals during the quarter. That was a 43 percent decrease in dollars and 26 percent decrease in “deal flow” from the previous quarter.

Forget Monorails! The New Snake Oil for Economic Development is Green Tech and Clean Energy!

Green tech and clean energy is the new snake oil – and is increasingly being pushed in Ottawa and other communities as “the future of technology” and the source for attracting venture capital,  private investment and driving  massive economic growth…  However the facts paint a different picture!

Venturesource reports steady declines in Venture investment in the green tech and clean energy sectors, with $189 million of Venture Capital invested in 15 deals during the first quarter, down 59 percent from the $457 million invested in 24 such deals last year.    This is in comparison to ICT investments, which even in the worst of times are still almost 10 times greater for the same period!

Clean Energy, Green Tech – it walks, talks and looks like a Monorail –

McGuinty Government Announces $250M Fund

McGuinty’s government announced a new fund today oriented towards helping keep Ontario start-ups moving forward in the face of a non-existant venture capital market.  The fund will match private investments dollar for dollar.   It is said to be based upon a similar model implemented in Scotland.

This is a great step towards supporting innovation and start-ups.

Foreign VC Investment in Canada Down More Than 50% in 2008

Industry Canada reports that foreign VC investment in Canada is down 53% in 3Q08 compared to 3Q07.


The bulk of investment is going towards ICT and Life Sciences deals.


Ontario, Quebec and BC account for the majority of deals, with only Quebec showing growth in number of deals. where

The good news is that BDC investments of tax payer money continue to get good leverage –