Ottawa-Gatineau Tech Jobs Lowest in 5 years

According to the latest from Stats Canada, Ottawa-Gatineau tech jobs have hit a new five-year low:

The technology sector bled another 800 jobs, dropping to 46,900, a new five-year low.

Layoffs at Nortel Networks and other companies have eliminated 6,800 jobs in 12 months.


US States With More then 10% Unemployment

Michigan 15.20%
Rhode Island 12.40%
Oregon 12.20%
South Carolina 12.10%
Nevada 12%
California 11.60%
Ohio 11.10%
North Carolina 11%
District of Columbia 10.90%
Kentucky 10.90%
Tennessee 10.80%
Indiana 10.70%
Florida 10.60%
Illinois 10.30%
Alabama 10.10%
Georgia 10.10%

Ref: Is Your State’s Unemployment System in Danger?

US and Canada Job Losses Continue – May Numbers

Latest unemployment numbers today:

Other interesting lists:

Canadian Small Businesses Outlook Improving

Survey results from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business showed some improving outlooks among small business owners polled:

  • 38% considered the condition of their business to be “good”, 18% “bad”, and 44% “satisfactory
  • 18% of businesses were planning to add staff
  • 16% of businesses were planning to reduce staff
  • Top five business cost concerns: tax, regulatory costs; fuel, energy costs, wage costs; bank account and processing fees; and insurance costs.
  • Top three business constraints: insufficient domestic demand; shortage of working capital; and shortage of skilled labor
  • Business Barometer index rose to 60.4% (well below historical norms, but up since last survey)

Ottawa Tech Jobs Melting Away

The Ottawa-Gatineau unemployment rate took a sharp jump recently and currently sits at 5.2%.

Under the surface, the situation for tech jobs is increasingly serious.

In Ottawa-Gatineau technology jobs have been evaporating at an alarming rate –  in just the last 12 months,  the region has lost 8,800 tech jobs.  This represents greater then a 14% loss. Further, Ottawa-Gatineau has lost almost 30% of its regional tech jobs compared to 2000.   Ottawa-Gatineau tech jobs peaked at 74,000 in 2000 and are now down to 53, 800 as of March 2009.

Stats Canada has published that during the 2002 bubble burst – 4 out of 5 laid off tech workers did not find work in high tech, and 2 of 5 left the City of Ottawa.

The tech sector is continuing to shed jobs in Ottawa-Gatineau.

Ottawa-Gatineau faces a significant loss of tech capability and associated economic impact/growth for the region.

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