Free Closing Docs for Startups

Angel List  has launched a new free service to help startups manage their legal costs along with related documentation and workflow management services.



JobNob – Linking Unemployed and Startups?

I like watching what is going on in Silicon Valley in general.  There are always good tech and trend insights.  But there are also some very innovative ideas related to social innovation.
For instance there is the “JobNob” events being held in the valley.  JobNob links unemployed people with start-ups looking for volunteers to give a win-win to both.   The JobNob pitch is below:
Come “Jobnob” with cool new startups and other job seekers at this informal networking happy hour where unemployed people who want to keep their skills sharp are matched up with startups that could use their help.
  • Bummed Out Job Seekers – are you willing to volunteer at least 5 hours a week for a startup? Help out a startup and you’ll get a leg up on the competition, keep your skills sharp and have some good experience to put on your resume. And when the giant gears of the economy start churning again, you could well be one of the first ones back on the payroll.
  • Cash Strapped Startups – are you willing to buy a smart, talented, unemployed person a drink? Come with one or two specific projects that you need accomplished and we’ll help you find the perfect person to get the job done. And if you get funded you can always hire them!

They have run three JobNob events so far and have two more scheduled for August and September.

Related information and press coverage is available here.

This would be a great program to have running in Ottawa.  Organizations such as Lead to Win, OCRI,  The Ottawa Network, CATA or Ottawa Talent Initiative would be good sponsor organizations to make this happen locally.

Lead to Win May-June Sessions

The 2009 Lead to Win program kicked-off this week.  The program was originally planned to support 30 participants per session.  Due to overwhelming demand from highly qualified candidates the program capacity was doubled and 61 participants were accepted into the May-June program.

The first three days of workshops went exceptionally well.  All participants were highly qualified, highly motivated and highly committed.  The workshop was intense and there was a lot of interaction between the participants and the program leaders.  A breakdown of the participants company types, target markets, etc. is available: Lead to Win May 2009 Portfolio Snapshot

Photos from the first day of the program are available online –

Lead to Win (May 19, 2009)

Wii – a platform for innovative product development …a Cool Idea with Loads of Microbusiness Potential

The Nintendo Wii and it’s accessories represent a new platform with a lot of new opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop derivative products from.  

A case in point, Johny Lee at Carnegie Mellon University has developed and posted working designs and software for a low-cost interactive whiteboard based on the WiiRemote and a PC.   You have to see it to believe it –

Software for the Wiimote Whiteboard is freely available

Links to this and other Wii related projects he is working on is available at this location.

High Tech? Ensure You Know About the IRAP Small Project Accellerated Review Process