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HTML5 Rather Than Native – One of Facebook’s Biggest Strategic Mistakes

“I think the biggest mistake we made was betting too much on HTML 5 rather than native. It’s just not there.”

“We burnt 2 years. It is really painful. We’ look back on that and see that one of the biggest strategic mistakes we made.”



Starbucks also encountered significant issues with HTML5 as well:

Starbucks initiated a project to use HTML5 in hopes of making its website work well across the many mobile browsers. “It worked but it taught us it was too hard,” said K.C. MacLaren, director of mobile and emerging technologies at Starbucks. Starbucks’ website is relatively “high functioning,” with a lot of JavaScript, making it hard to replicate, he said. It took too much work to transition the site to HTML5 and make it run well on the many browsers that run on mobile phones, he said.

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Finally an insightful book on social media!

Social Media Is Bullshit

An interesting read about the hucksters, idiot-infused and empty buzzword-filled world of “Social Media”.

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Facebook remains suspect as a business tool with fake Facebook likes, fake Facebook accounts… you can buy facebook likes, you can buy facebook accounts in bulk:

How Companies Buy Facebook Friends, Likes, and Buzz

Facebook Reveals the Sleazy Business of Fake ‘Likes’

Facebook ‘likes’ and adverts’ value doubted

Post your fake like job on Freelancer

Over 83M Facebook Accounts are Fake

If all the subterfuge is too much you can simply create a fake badge for your websites –, or start a fake conversation!

Facebook stock continues to drop.

Klout – the internet equivalent of herpes?

Charles Stross has described the klout service as “the internet equivalent of herpes”.

ref: WikipediaEvil Social Networks

Charles Stross raises a good point that services like this demonstrate how 3rd parties can data-mine information about an individual without their permission or awareness – amplifying internet privacy issues in general.

Personally I find services like Klout that generate “social media scores” to be  yet another passing social media fad with no real value for users other then entertainment.

BTW, my klout score is here  lol.

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