Mars Curiosity Photos are “Meh”

The Curiosity mission photos are exceptionally boring as it makes it’s way slowly to its first destination Glenelg.

This is a photo of a tire track on Mars:

The evidence of an ancient stream-bed is the only image of mild interest so far:

At this point the existence of water on Mars is pretty compelling based on all the evidence from the past 40+ years of Mars research starting back with Mariner 9.

Face Recognition Technology Has Made Great Progress!

I have been using Google’s Picasa Web Albums to store my gigabytes of photos for quite awhile now.   However, it was not until last week that I tried Picasa Web Album’s face recognition feature – not expecting much to be frank.   However, when I went back to look at the results this week,  I was very surprised at the accuracy of the face recognition!   Google picked up faces of different ages, in a wide range of lighting conditions, and in a wide range of photo qualities.  Truely amazing stuff.   If this is the level of sophistication of publicly available face recognition technology, I can only imagine what the technology looks like that the security agencies are now using.