Mars Curiosity Photos are “Meh”

The Curiosity mission photos are exceptionally boring as it makes it’s way slowly to its first destination Glenelg.

This is a photo of a tire track on Mars:

The evidence of an ancient stream-bed is the only image of mild interest so far:

At this point the existence of water on Mars is pretty compelling based on all the evidence from the past 40+ years of Mars research starting back with Mariner 9.


Troubling Insights on MaRS, OCRI, Communitech?

Greg Boutin has published several very pointed blog articles, pulling back the covers on MaRS and where our tax dollars are going… definitely worth a read!

The articles also calls  out OCRI and Communitech for their lack of transparency.

UPDATE April 30:

Jim Watson echos concerns of local community, highlighting OCRI’s lack of focus, and calls for change.

“The City doesn’t own OCRI”, Claude Hawe, OCRI CEO

UPDATE May 26 – OCRI not in the loop Part 1

“OCRI not aware…”

Only one Ottawa firm participating in McGuinty’s trade mission to Israel – OCRI “We don’t know anything about that trade mission”

UPDATE July – New Organization to be Funded

Mayor Jim Watson announces funding of new economic development organization – “Invest Ottawa”.  

Ontario Commercialization Network to be Reformed?

The Ontario Commercialization Network Steering Committee Report was delivered to the Minister late February.  PWC produced a report on OCN prior to the Steering Committee Report but it was not made public.


The report makes some blunt assessments of serious problems with  Ontario’s current approach to economic development and commercialization.  Some key findings include:

  • Lack of co-ordination and sharing across many fragmented organizations
  • Lack of overall governance
  • Lack of clear entry-point for clients/entrepreneurs
  • Lack of metrics and performance targets
  • Need for better co-ordination between Provincial and Federal governments
  • Economic conditions demand quick action

Key recommendations include specifics related to:

  • Fixing the governance model
  • Fixing the delivery model
  • Reducing overlaps of products and services within the Province and between the Province and Federal programs

The report was one of the best i’ve seen so far – it cuts directly to the issues and provides some very rational recommendations.