Red Bull Marketing is Great!

The use of web addresses plastered on sports, products and billboards is very effective.

I was reading an article today on the web about the red bull high altitude parachute jump and was wondering how to watch the jump.  On one of the photos I came across, I noticed a website URL on the guys helmet

Following the link delivers the Red Bull website providing a live broadcast of the event:

Red Bull’s marketing team is great.  They get the press to amplify Red Bull marketing simply by taking an innocuous photo.


Free Cellphone in a Magazine

It makes me wonder what kind of tracking they are doing since the device appears to have a live SIM card and data access.  They could easily track, among other things: where the ad was viewed, what time it was viewed, and how long it was viewed.   Since the audio capability is present it could possibly record the audio reaction of the viewers while it is active.

Finally an insightful book on social media!

Social Media Is Bullshit

An interesting read about the hucksters, idiot-infused and empty buzzword-filled world of “Social Media”.

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Marketing Your App

The following tools will be of use to mobile app developers in creating a professional app demo video:

For static app shots  –

To showcase your app, this Wordpress theme is exceptionally flexible and well-done –

Tim Hudak App a Great Success

Purple Forge recently did an iPhone application for Tim Hudak, leader of The Ontario PC Party.   The application has been a great success – it has generated a huge amount of earned media for The Ontario PC Party.  The application has also created a buzz in Twitter and Facebook with hundreds of mentions.

The message of The Ontario PC Party around the application is simple:

  • First Canadian political party leader with their own iPhone application
  • The party wants to connect with younger and older voters who are quickly turning to mobile devices for information
  • Embracing technology to be the most modern and effective campaign

Three very good articles are:

The application went to the Top 100 for Social Networking in the Canadian iTunes App Store on the first day it was announced.

Download the application and let me know what you think –

Social Marketing Titles

I was doing some research and noted that there is a wide range of titles people and companies are using related to social media marketing:

  • Social Media Gurus
  • Viral Marketing Gurus
  • Internet Marketing Gurus
  • New Media Marketing Gurus
  • Digital Marketing Gurus
  • Social Media Stars
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Social Media Consultants
  • Social Media Experts
  • Social Media Strategists
  • Social Media Agencies
  • Social Media Companies
  • Social Media Marketing Specialists
  • Internet Marketing Specialists
  • internet Marketing Agencies
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Digital Marketing Strategists
  • Social Media Researchers
  • Social Media Product Managers
  • Community Managers
  • Social Computing Strategists
  • Social Media Strategist
  • New Media Program Management
  • Digital and Multimedia Communications
  • Community and Social Media Operations
  • Online Communications
  • Advanced Marketing Systems
  • Online Marketing Strategist
  • Collaboration, Intranet, Communication and Innovation
  • Consultant for Social Media
  • Web Experience
  • eMarketing Manager
  • Public Relations and Social Media Manager
  • Emerging Marketing Channels
  • Content and Community
  • Social Technology
  • New Media Marketing and Web Strategy
  • Web Marketing
  • Interactive Media Manager
  • Inbound E-mail Operations and Blog Outreach
  • Product Engagement and Community Development
  • Digital Product Strategy
  • Digital Strategies
  • Community Marketing Manager
  • Emerging Channels Specialist
  • Community and Blog Strategist
  • Community Evangelist
  • Social Media Producer
  • Media Relations and Blogger in Chief
  • Community Manager and Content Strategist
  • Community Manager and Editor-in-Chief
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Online Community Manager
  • Blog Editor
  • Chief Blogger
  • Online Community Moderator

Some trends on job titles with “Social Media”:

Need more ideas for social media job titles – check this site out: Social Media Job Title generator

Anyone seen any other titles?

How to Market and Publicize iPhone Apps

The following table provides a list of sites that provide reviews and directories for iPhone applications. Many accept submissions for review, some are automated:

Website Link Submission Link
App Store Apps submission information
App Craver submission information
148 Apps submission information
App Safari submission information
App Advice submission information
iPhone Application List submission information
Native iPhone Apps submission information
Apptism submission information
App Shopper
App Rater
App Bank submission information
iPhone Hacks submission information
TAP Download submission information
Slap App submission information
App Album submission information
The iPhone App Review submission information
iPhone Apps Gallery submission information
AppVee submission information

A great blog with survey stats from iPhone developers on what works and what doesn’t – iPhone App Marketing: What Works (and What Doesn’t)?, some of key findings from the blog’a survey:

Marketing Techniques Employed

The two most common marketing practices were:

  • publicizing their app on forums (employed by 71% of respondents);
  • and creating a supporting website for the application (66%).

Other common techniques included:

  • Making frequent updates to their app to increase App Store visibility – 57%
  • Offering a “lite” version of their paid app to stimulate trial – 57%
  • Submitting their app to review blogs – 57%
  • Soliciting user reviews within the App Store – 51%
  • Making price cuts to stimulate demand – 43%

Other techniques tried by a minority  include:

  • Purchasing advertising on other websites – 14%
  • Purchasing Google AdWords to attract buyers – 14%
  • Purchasing / trading for in-app advertising – 14%
  • Hiring paid Public Relations help – 11%
  • Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) supporting websites – 11%

Marketing Technique Effectiveness

Despite the broad array of marketing techniques employed by developers, relatively few were reported to be worth the investment of time and money. On a 3-point scale, from Most Effective (valued at 3 points) to Least (1 point), five techniques received an average rating greater than 2. The leaders (including the average rating / number of responses) include:

  • Paid PR – rating 3 / 2 responses
  • Offering a Lite version – 2.58 / 12 responses
  • Submitting to app review blogs – 2.4 / 10 responses
  • Making frequent updates to increase App Store visibility – 2.3 / 10 responses
  • Soliciting user reviews – 2.01 / 7 responses

Three other techniques were judged to be somewhat effective, including:

  • Cutting price – 1.88 / 8 responses
  • Posting to forums – 1.8 / 10 responses
  • Creating a supporting website / landing page – 1.63 / 8 responses

And three were viewed as the least effective (at least among the small population who had tried them):

  • Keyword advertising (Google AdWords, etc) – 1 / 2 responses
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – 1 / 2 responses
  • Paid advertising in apps (AdMob, etc) – 1 / 1 response



What do you think drives app downloads the most – share your opinion and see what others think –