GUI Mockup Tools Part 2

Two new mockup/wireframe design apps are now available for the iPad that are worth taking a look at:

My initial impression is that iMockups is the better of the two at the moment… but since I just started to play with them I will reserve judgement for a few weeks.

In general I find that doing a wireframe mockup on the iPad is a more fluid experience then using computer-based tools… it is going to be interesting to see how apps like this develop over time.


Automated Testing Tools for iPhone

I recently asked some friends for their insights into automated testing tools for iPhone.   Based on the feedback (special thanks to Kevin Burr!) and some research, it turns out there are a few expensive commercial services/tools and some emerging and very interesting open source applications, including:

DeviceAnywhere (commercial)

Cucumber (open source)

A good overview of integrating Cucumber with the iPhone –

Here is a video of Cucumber driving an iPhone application –

Google Toolbox for Mac (open source)

UIspec (open source)

Some good blogs with current information on iPhone GUI testing include:

GUI Mock Up Tools for iPhone

I posted some information back in August about GUI mock-up tools.  Since then, I have tried a variety of tools, including the hosted Protoshare and the multi-platform desktop application Balsamiq Mockups.    In the end I selected Balsamiq Mockups as the preferred tool to use.

The following shows an example of the type of prototyping that Balsamiq Mockups can deliver.  It also provides the ability to automate the navigation to more easily show the flow and intended behavior of the application.

The following video provides a good overview of the tool and its features:

The reasons for selecting Balsamiq Mockups:

To make it easy to share the mock-up files within the team, we also decided to use    Dropbox allows seamless sharing of files with a team, provides backups of the files, allows multiple computer access…


This blog entry has some good pointers to various templates and stencils that are useful for doing iPhone mockups –, as well as additional insights into iPhone mockup tools (both computer and pen and paper!) –

GUI Mock Up Software Tools

I spent some time recently looking at GUI mock up and associated requirements management applications.  I grouped the tools into three categories: general purpose tools that could be used for mock ups, specialized tools oriented towards mock-ups and simulation, and hosted services for mock-ups and collaboration with teams and customers.


My research so far has identified the following –

General Tools for GUI Mock Ups

Specialized Tools for GUI Mock Ups

Relative to requirements management, I have never been a big fan of specialized tools (and there are a lot of them on the market, many with big price-tags) and have tended to favor tools such as MS Word, FreeMind mind mapping, Excel and powerpoint as means to capture, analyze and organize requirements.

Still some more research to do,  so if anyone has any suggestions based on their experiences please let me know!

Also see:



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