Cool Ideas – Smartphone Hardware Accessories/Appliances

Looking for ideas for accessories for mobile devices/apps – these sites may provide some prototype platforms and ideas:


Maker Shed Store 

CY8CKIT-023 PSoC® Expansion Board Kit For iPhone & iPod Accessories


Vinod’s 12 “Unhyped” New Areas in Internet and Mobile

  1. Data Reduction or Filters: “Reducing, filtering and processing data streams to deliver the information or action that is relevant to you.”
  2. Big data or Analytics: “Analyzing massive amounts of structured and unstructured data to deliver unique services or analysis.”
  3. Emotion: “Services that evoke strong emotions in users.”
  4. Education 2.0 : “Education models that dramatically reduce the cost and increase the availability of quality learning.”
  5. TV 2.0 : “TV as an interactive and social experience both on the primary and the second screen.”
  6. Social Next : “Social as a useful and productive part of lives—enabling collaboration and deep community building around the world in specific areas.”
  7. Interest-based networks: “User driven content that maps to people’s interests both for a better user experience and better targeting.”
  8. Health 2.0 : “Exponentially growing data will yield personalized lifestyle suggestions, improved outcomes, predictive diagnostics and applications we can’t imagine.”
  9. Internet of Things/Universal ID/NFC/Smart sensors: “Sensors and authentication technologies which will interconnect everything and remake our interaction with the world around us.”
  10. Personal Collaborative Publishing : “Truly free press with no barriers to entry and personalized interest-based curation.”
  11. Utility Apps: “Leverage device ubiquity and context to deliver valuable services.”
  12. Marketplaces & Disintermediation : “Remove the middle man, increase market efficiency and produce better results, faster.“


Troubling Insights on MaRS, OCRI, Communitech?

Greg Boutin has published several very pointed blog articles, pulling back the covers on MaRS and where our tax dollars are going… definitely worth a read!

The articles also calls  out OCRI and Communitech for their lack of transparency.

UPDATE April 30:

Jim Watson echos concerns of local community, highlighting OCRI’s lack of focus, and calls for change.

“The City doesn’t own OCRI”, Claude Hawe, OCRI CEO

UPDATE May 26 – OCRI not in the loop Part 1

“OCRI not aware…”

Only one Ottawa firm participating in McGuinty’s trade mission to Israel – OCRI “We don’t know anything about that trade mission”

UPDATE July – New Organization to be Funded

Mayor Jim Watson announces funding of new economic development organization – “Invest Ottawa”.  

Lead to Win – November Session Accepting Applications!

The Lead to Win program is accepting applications for the November session.

If you are interested in creating your own company – check out the program at

Spaces are limited and the program has been over subscribed for every session held so if you are interested do not delay getting your application submitted.

Check out some of the companies that have successfully made it to Phase III of Lead to Win.


The Entrepreneurial Effect

I am involved in a new book that is now out.    Members of the local Ottawa tech community have gotten together to produce a new book called “the Entrepreneurial Effect” with the foreword by Terry Matthews. It is a collection of practical lessons learned.

The book is meant to be a knowledge source for those decisions we face as we start and grow our companies, for example, the real story behind risk and investment, how to pick resellers, selling in China, and the only reasons to consider M&As.

It is also worth noting that all the authors have donated their knowledge.

All proceeds of the book will go to support student technology entrepreneurship!

Get implementable advice and support a great cause.

Check it out at:

Stay tuned for information on the book launch date which will be on an upcoming evening.   It will be an evening worth going to.

Lead to Win Ecosystem Announced

On Feb 12th, during a presentation at MaRS in Toronto, Tony Bailetti announced the launch of the Lead to Win Ecosystem.


The Lead to Win ecosystem will be headquartered in Ottawa,  it is focused on:

  • Facilitating the formation of multi-location, international teams
  • Equipping teams to exploit the new creativity economy
  • Supporting teams’ rapid start-up, operations and execution
  • Linking teams to opportunities and channels

The Lead to Win ecosystem is based on the 2002 Lead to Win program which was extraordinarily successful in delivering meaningful and measurable economic development results to the Ottawa region.

If you are interested in more information on the Lead to Win ecosystem or want to be a part of it – drop a note to Tony Bailetti, and read the material on Business Ecosystems on this site.