Lead to Win Reception

Lead to Win held a reception on Monday evening for participants and supporters.   Special guests included the Mayor of Gatineau and the acting Mayor of Ottawa.  Both expressed their support for the Lead to Win program and new businesses the participants are hoping to launch.

Mayor of Gatineau, Marc Bureau

Acting Mayor of Ottawa, Michel Bellemare

Participants at the reception commented on the strong and growing support from the community for the Lead to Win program.

Past Lead to Win Alumnus David Vicary, CEO of Weyes Eyes and past CEO and founder of Nakina Systems announced that he had secured seed funding for Weyes Eyes, his second start-up venture.  For more on this, please read the related Ottawa Business Journal article.

David Vicary, CEO Weyes Eyes
David Vicary, CEO Weyes Eyes

Photos from the event are available online.

The reception was hosted by Développement économique – CLD Gatineau (DE – CLDG).



Here is a recent call for participants from Dr Tony Bailetti for the 3rd session of the Lead to Win program which starts on July 28th – please spread the word!


If you are serious about starting a profitable technology business in Canada’s Capital region, we invite you to apply to the next session of the Lead to Win program.

The Lead to Win program is free to qualified applicants – no strings attached, no small print, no surprises.  Individuals from 37 organizations are investing to make Lead to Win participants successful for the benefit of the individual and our community.

Details on the program, including past success and testimonials from participants are available at www.leadtowin.ca.    If you need additional information over what is at www.leadtowin.ca, please contact:

Spaces in the Lead to Win program are limited – so prospective participants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Application instructions are available online at www.leadtowin.ca.

If you know of  others who may benefit from Lead to Win, please forward this email to them – help get the word out!


Tony Bailetti
Lead to Win Program

Lead to Win May-June Sessions

The 2009 Lead to Win program kicked-off this week.  The program was originally planned to support 30 participants per session.  Due to overwhelming demand from highly qualified candidates the program capacity was doubled and 61 participants were accepted into the May-June program.

The first three days of workshops went exceptionally well.  All participants were highly qualified, highly motivated and highly committed.  The workshop was intense and there was a lot of interaction between the participants and the program leaders.  A breakdown of the participants company types, target markets, etc. is available: Lead to Win May 2009 Portfolio Snapshot

Photos from the first day of the program are available online –

Lead to Win (May 19, 2009)

Lead to Win Program Update – April 25th


CTV Ottawa News Coverage This Sunday!

Tune-in to CTV Ottawa TECH NOW with Paul Brent on April 26th at 6PM for a special report on Lead to Win!

City of Ottawa, Carleton University and Business – United in Leadership for the Community

Recent press releases on the Lead to Win program:

Media Coverage

Visit the Lead to Win website to see all the latest media coverage on the Lead to Win program.

Free Re-use of Lead to Win Materials for Other Canadian Communities

All Lead to Win program materials (e.g. online tools, learning materials, processes, network) will be made freely available to other communities who would like to re-use, or adapt,  the materials, procedures and network for their own regional benefit. Contact us at lead@leadtowin.ca if you are interested.

Spread the Word!

Please spread the word on the Lead to Win program to prospective candidates, community organizations and sponsors.

Can you Help?

If you know politicians or government leaders in agencies who want to join the City of Ottawa, the Chamber of Commerce and Carleton University in taking a strong, visible leadership position to help make a difference – please make them aware of Lead to Win and ask them to contact Dr Bailetti at 613 829 8885, bailetti@sce.carleton.ca

More Beef, Less Bun!

We are in the midst of the worst economic downturn Ottawa has seen, and we are watching our high tech sector melt away.

I find it very disturbing that there are few organizations – other than the Talent First Network and NRC-IRAP – that are stepping up and taking visible, urgent and concrete steps to help out our community.

Talent First Network is aggressively pushing ahead with the Lead to Win program, which has garnered strong community support.

The IRAP team have ramped up their pace, they have streamlined processes to match the urgency of the situation, they are pursuing new programs, and they are on the frontline – engaging the entrepreneurs and high tech businesses who are working to expand existing businesses or build new businesses which will revitalize our high tech sector.

The big question is – Where is the leadership from the other tax-funded organizations? The City of Ottawa, the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation and Industry Canada have spent truckloads of money on the Ontario Centres of Excellence, Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation and The Ottawa Partnership (TOP) – these organizations  should be front and center but are virtually invisible.

When it comes to getting results from our tax dollars and leadership from the organizations they fund – it’s time for “More Beef and Less Bun!”  –

In the current economic downturn,  I would rather see more of my tax dollars going to IRAP and the Talent First Network.  They have the right attitude and they are focused on helping our community.

It’s time for MORE BEEF!  LESS BUN!

Join Lead to Win: Drive Massive Innovation in Canada’s Capital Region

Join Lead to Win:

Drive Massive Innovation in Canada’s Capital Region

If you are serious about starting a profitable technology based business in the National Capital Region during the current economic situation, we invite you to apply to Lead to Win (LTW).

LTW is a proven program for talented technology individuals who wish to establish and grow successful businesses in Canada’s Capital Region.  Past program participants have come from a wide range of backgrounds, including – sales, business development, product managers, design engineers, systems analysts, and management.  LTW previously ran during the 2002 economic downturn.  Out of the 29 participants in 2002 – over half launched a new business.  Collectively those businesses created over 300 new jobs and attracted over $90M in investment.

The first 2009 LTW training session starts May 19, 2009. If you have what it takes, we encourage you to apply immediately.  Applications are now being accepted online at http://www.leadtowin.ca.

The LTW program is free to qualified applicants – no strings attached, no small print, no surprises.  Our region is investing to make LTW participants successful for the benefit of the individual and the community.

LTW has three phases. In the first phase, you apply online.  Qualified applicants will then be invited to meet with LTW leadership.  Participants will be selected based on their experience, commitment, and opportunity profile. In the second phase, you participate in an intense six day training program where you will learn how to lever business ecosystems, profitably serve attractive vertical markets, and the key factors that contribute to the ultimate success of a fledgling technology company. Upon completion of this second phase, you will be well equipped, and encouraged, to launch your new technology businesses in the National Capital Region.  In the third phase, LTW connects you to strategic customers, revenue opportunities, and individuals, companies and organizations that can provide requisite resources, including capital.

LTW is supported by The City of Ottawa, The Talent First Network, alumni from the 2002 Lead to Win program, community expertise, and faculty members and graduate students of Carleton University’s Technology Innovation Management program (www.carleton.ca/tim).

To apply to LTW, please contact: Press and program, please contact:

Ottawa Tony Bailetti:


613 829 8885

Tony Bailetti Bailetti@sce.carleton.ca


Rowland Few rfew@sce.carleton.ca


Ian Graham Ian@thecodefactory.com


Serge Lafontaine slafontaine@arrow.com


Lead-to-Win Turns Economic Downturn into Opportunity for Laid-Off Technology Workers in Canada’s Capital Region

April 16, 2009 – Press Release

Ottawa, Ontario

Lead-to-Win Turns Economic Downturn into Opportunity for Laid-Off Technology Workers in Canada’s Capital Region

In the tech meltdown of 2002, four out of five laid-off tech workers did not find work in high tech, and in Ottawa-Gatineau two out of five laid-off tech workers left the region.   In 2009, Canada’s Capital Region high tech sector faces a significantly greater challenge.

Today, Ontario’s Talent First Network is pleased to announce the launch of the Lead To Win  program for laid-off tech workers.  The program is based upon a program of the same name that was delivered during the last economic downturn in 2002. Over half of the participants in the 2002 Lead to Win program created a new business in Canada’s Capital Region.  These new businesses collectively created over 300 jobs and attracted over $90M in investment.

“Lead to Win is a great initiative for our region and we are pleased to support the program,” stated Larry O’Brien, Mayor of the City of Ottawa.  There is a proven recipe here. This is precisely the sort of innovative action that takes the current economic situation and turns it into a compelling opportunity for growth.”

Professor Tony Bailetti of Carleton University stated “We have a real opportunity to drive massive innovation in Canada’s Capital Region. Lead to Win will equip the next wave of technology entrepreneurs to launch new businesses that target the right market spaces. We did this in 2002 and we are going to do it again.”

David Vicary, founder of Weyeseyes and previously President and founder of Nakina Systems was also a 2002 Lead to Win participant. Vicary statedThe Lead to Win program was developed to help entrepreneurs in tough times. The lessons learned in Lead to Win were critical to my success in founding and growing Nakina Systems.”

The program is intended for talented individuals who want to launch a new technology business.  The program is free to qualified applicants.  Applications are currently being solicited for the program.  Space is limited and interested individuals are encouraged to apply online at http://www.leadtowin.ca.

Lead to Win is sponsored by the City of Ottawa, Talent First Network and Carleton University.  Lead to Win associates include alumni from the 2002 Lead To Win program, local businesses, and faculty members and graduate students of Carleton University’s Technology Innovation Management program (http://www.carleton.ca/tim).

About the Talent First Network

The Talent First Network is a successful Ontario-wide initiative funded by the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation and Carleton University.  The Talent First Network enables the commercialization of market offers that rely on open source projects and global ecosystems for their revenue.

Contact: Tony Bailetti, Bailetti@sce.carleton.ca, 613 829 8885