Canadian Global Export Programs for Small Business

Export Grant Programs

  • Ontario Exporters Fund -this program matches up to $40K per year the first two year salaries of a business development manager hired by an eligible company (new hire, Ontario payroll).
  • Export Market Access –  eligible companies may benefit from up to $30k in total, up to twice a year, for up to 50% of business development expenses such as participation in trade shows as independent exhibitors or Ontario Missions, travel and accommodation and development of marketing materials.
  • Going Global Innovation –  GGI provides $5K to $75K to support in-person discussion, meetings and related activities to solidify a global R&D partnership.

Export Support

Other Useful Programs

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Red Bull Marketing is Great!

The use of web addresses plastered on sports, products and billboards is very effective.

I was reading an article today on the web about the red bull high altitude parachute jump and was wondering how to watch the jump.  On one of the photos I came across, I noticed a website URL on the guys helmet

Following the link delivers the Red Bull website providing a live broadcast of the event:

Red Bull’s marketing team is great.  They get the press to amplify Red Bull marketing simply by taking an innocuous photo.

Finding Out What People Are Searching For

The following tools are useful to be able to determine what people are currently searching the web for:

On a related note, McAfee has published this report on the “most dangerous search terms“.


Facebook remains suspect as a business tool with fake Facebook likes, fake Facebook accounts… you can buy facebook likes, you can buy facebook accounts in bulk:

How Companies Buy Facebook Friends, Likes, and Buzz

Facebook Reveals the Sleazy Business of Fake ‘Likes’

Facebook ‘likes’ and adverts’ value doubted

Post your fake like job on Freelancer

Over 83M Facebook Accounts are Fake

If all the subterfuge is too much you can simply create a fake badge for your websites –, or start a fake conversation!

Facebook stock continues to drop.

Making Technology Happen

I have the first and second edition of this book on my bookshelf.  It is concise, practical advice for starting and running a technology/knowledge-based company… and it is written by a local tech leader – Denzil Doyle!   For those trying to figure out where to start and what to do I recommend this book as a good place to start reading.

Making Technology Happen describes in detail the techniques used to identify and exploit technology and how to build and manage a technology-intensive company around that technology. It covers such activities as ‘go-to market’ strategy development, general management, investment analysis, organizational development, and competitive market analysis – all from the perspective of a technology-intensive enterprise. It is used by governments and technology transfer professionals across North America, as well as by entrepreneurs and business executives