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Follow The Money – Apple Apps

Latest article to highlight the obvious – Apple is where the money is at.  Android, not so much.

“Early in Android’s short lifespan, it seemed to me that subsidizing a free, open-source platform to make a land grab for mobile eyeballs was a good play that would pay off over time. Nearly four years later, there’s little data to suggest the investment is paying off. In fact, more data suggests Apple’s methodical approach is financially sound.”


My opinion on why Android is doing so poorly is that Android phone growth is coming in largely from displacing the “feature phone” – and the feature phone demographic have been traditionally interested in inexpensive devices with basic mobile phone features and are not buying the device for it’s smartphone features such as apps, web or digital media.   A lot of the remaining market growth will be feature phone replacement and Android will continue to pick up that market… until the low-cost Android killer comes along and that can’t be too much longer now.

Marketing Your App

The following tools will be of use to mobile app developers in creating a professional app demo video:

For static app shots  –

To showcase your app, this Wordpress theme is exceptionally flexible and well-done –

Mobile App Companies in the Ottawa Region

UPDATED: go here


There has been a lot of interest in the mobile app development cluster in Ottawa.  I recently took an  inventory of companies in Ottawa who were developing mobile apps or mobile related software.  The current list of companies I found is below:

If anyone has others to add please drop me a note at, or add to the comment thread for this posting.  I will keep this list up-to-date.

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