Purple Forge

Purple Forge was an award-winning Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of community engagement and self service solutions.   Purple Forge was founded May 2008 and was shut-down June 29, 2017.

Our customers included: governments, venues, telecommunications service providers, financial institutions, healthcare and membership-based organizations.

Our partners included: TELUS, IBM, KnowWho, Donna Cona and others.

Purple Forge’s platforms (Smart Service Solutions, CORI) and smart connected apps offered a comprehensive set of features that spanned: web, mobile, wearables, social, location based services, iBeacons, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

Purple Forge helped our customers increase their community engagement, gain insights into unmet needs, and reduce service delivery costs.

Awards and Recognition

Purple Forge products and team won international awards and recognition including:

  • Marcom Awards, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Platinum Award, App for Information – 2015
  • Union of B.C. Municipalities, Community Connections Best Practices award for My Surrey – Surrey BC – 2015
  • ICF – Top7 Intelligent Communities of the Year – Surrey BC (includes My Surrey app) – 2015
  • State Education Editors (SEE) 2014 Conference – First Place – New Mexico NEA iPhone and Android applications
  • Ragan’s 2014 Health Care PR and Marketing Awards – Finalist Best Mobile App – Norfolk General Hospital – 2014
  • American Association of Political Consultants – Two Gold Pollie Awards for Advocacy and Campaigning – 2014
  • American Association of Political Consultants – Six Pollie Awards for Advocacy and Campaigning – 2012
  • City of Calgary Award for Transforming Government – Calgary Road Conditions Mobile App – 2012
  • ACE Communications Award of Merit – Regina CityApp – 2012
  • Aristotle’s Global Campaign Dream Team – 2011
  • GTEC Service Delivery Award – 2011
  • American Association of Political Consultants – Six Pollie Awards for Advocacy and Campaigning – 2011
  • CATA Ericsson Award for Outstanding Product Achievement (Content and Application Mobility Industry) – 2011
  • Digital Alberta Government 2.0 Award – 2011
  • American Association of Political Consultants – Gold Pollie Award for Best Use of Mobile Technology in a Campaign – 2010
  • Ottawa Business Journal Start Ups To Watch – 2010
  • Aristotle Campaign Dream Team – Top Mobile Campaigner – 2010

Corporate Logo


The Purple Forge logo was distinctive and captured multiple levels of meaning:

Purple” – from the purple branding color of Bell Northern Research which was at one time a world leading research and development organization, of which I (and others on the team) had a personal tie to.

Forge” – meaning to create – reflecting our focus on the creation of innovative new products and services.  “Forge” is also intended to evoke the image of a blacksmith working raw metal with hammer and anvil into useful implements through hard work, strength and skill.

The company logo incorporates a prominent flame graphic which is intended to represent the flame of a blacksmith’s forge and the flame of knowledge.

The two words in the name in the logo are distinguished by color rather then a space – where the word “forge” is always colored purple – which is intended to re-emphasize the name Purple Forge.


Some memories from the team over the years:


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