BNR and Nortel

I worked at Bell-Northern Research (BNR) and Nortel from 1987 to 2002 in roles of increasing responsibility, spanning a wide range of technologies including: international communications standards (T1, IEEE, Bellcore, CCITT, ISO), ISDN, cellular networks (AMPS/TDMA/GSM), optical networking (SONET), multi-service data networking (FR/ATM/IP), IP/MPLS networking and more.

Memorabilia from the BNR/Nortel days is collected below.   Feel free to send any other good memorabilia items you might have to me at – brianrhurley at!

Books That Talk About Nortel

Industry Reports

Pictures of People, Products, Memorabilia


Old Logos

Misc Humor

The Nortel Song 1 (sung to beverly hillbillies theme song)

The Nortel Song 2 (sung to silent night)

The Loadbuild Man (sung to piano man)

Verification Cartoonist

The Fully Evolved MSS

Nortel Parody From The Net


Nortel Memorabilia on eBay

Other Nortel/BNR Sites

1 thought on “BNR and Nortel

  1. Used to do a ton of biz with Nortel DMS10 and 100. Last time I was there in early 2001-2002, it was a ghost town.

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