Elton John

While with Nortel, I took my product and team to Supercomm 2001 in Atlanta to showcase our prototype OPTera Packet Core 9.8Tbps Switch/Router.

I was on the tradeshow floor in our booth each day.  By the end of the 2nd day my feet were so sore and painful from standing for 12 hours that I struggled to be able to walk back to the hotel, every step was agony.   I stopped very frequently on the way back.  I was lucky that there was a foot massage stall about halfway to the hotel.   I got a 15 min foot massage which revived me somewhat.   After the foot massage I very slowly limped the remaining distance to the hotel.  Once in the lobby I collapsed into a couch where some other Nortel types were sitting.   One of them offered me a free ticket to see a private concert being given to Nortel customers by Elton John that night – in only an hour.   I love Elton John’s music.  I tried to stand-up to take the ticket but fell back in blinding pain….  one of my big regrets in life is that I missed seeing Elton John perform.


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