I am currently doing contract work providing technical and team leadership to drive planning, implementation, and roll-out of the Lead to Win (LTW) Global Cybersecurity Resource (GCR) Cybersecurity Operations Center (CSOC) project.

Global Cybersecurity Resource is a not-for-profit organization run by Carleton University’s Lead to Win program. The organization is mandated with increasing the IT security of Ottawa region SMBs, increasing the availability of qualified security staff, and driving economic development for existing and new companies.

The CSOC project scope includes: strategy, competitive landscape analysis, technology selection, project management, system integration, testing, open source project establishment and management, workflow procedures, day-to-day operation of a CSOC and associated SaaS security services for small to medium businesses.   The initial CSOC service is a honeypot-based “Hacker Alerting Service“.

CSOC project technology includes: development of a security appliance based on Raspberry Pi 3 and custom case, Apache Metron, Dionaea, Cowrie, OSSEC, Mender, OpenVAS and Machine Learning.   The project is focused on using, creating and contributing to key enabling open source technology.   The platform is deployed on AWS cloud services.


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