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While with Liquid Computing, I was fortunate to be able to help launch and sponsor the Computer History Museum’s special Commodore 64 Anniversary event, held in December 2007.  The event included a panel of industry luminaries responsible for the Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga, IBM PC and Apple.

Computer History Museum - Events

A video of the panel session is below:

Prior to the event, I asked Jack Tramiel if he had any advice for entrepreneur’s such as myself – his advice was “Work hard.  Work very, very hard.  And you will be successful.”

Knowing how big organizations can behave – I had always wondered how Bill Lowe was able to launch the IBM PC and survive inside a large organization.   During a side discussion he shared that his ability to survive and make things happen — in part —  was due to his special relationship with some key members of the IBM board of directors that actively supported him.

Some pics from the event are below:



1 thought on “Computer Museum

  1. Hi Mr. Hurley,

    I ran across your blog, and thought I would reply to this post. I worked at Digital Equipment of Canada for 24+ years, and I too have a lot of memories. Especially of the Boston Computer museum, while I was there in the 80’s. I will come back to read the rest of your blog later

    cheers, GarythePink

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