Celine Dion

In 2012, I was in Montreal to meet with a customer.

When visiting Montreal I always make a point to visit Schwartz’s for a smoked meat sandwich.


While standing in line to get into Schwartz’s (there has always been a line to get in every time I have gone), a convoy of black escalades pulled up.  Out of one of the escalades popped Celine and her entourage who were whisked intoSchwartz’s.

We were let in shortly after Celine entered.  Once inside we were seated in the back about a table away from Celine’s group.   Celine’s group ordered, made a point of talking with all the Schwartz’s workers and took several photos with them.   We resisted the urge to ask for a photo with her to avoid intruding.

We found out later that Celine had just become a part owner of Schwartz’s.

Celine and her entourage ate and left before we were finished.  When we asked for our bill we were told that Celine had paid for everyone’s meal that was in the restaurant when she was there.   That was a nice touch on her part.



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