Purple Forge is… award winning!

Purple Forge has done very well since our launch,  we have won international recognition and awards, including:

  • American Association of Political Consultants – Gold Pollie Award for Best Use of Mobile Technology in a Campaign 2010
  • Start Up to Watch – 2010
  • Aristotle Campaign Dream Team – Top Mobile Campaigner 2010
  • CATA Ericsson Award for Outstanding Product Achievement (Content and Application Mobility Industry) 2011
  • Aristotleʼs 2011 Global Campaign Dream Team
  • Six Pollie Awards at the annual American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) awards 2011
  • Digital Alberta Government 2.0 Award 2011

Pretty cool stuff!

Here are some pics of John Craig at some award ceremonies:

Digital Alberta Government 2.0
CATA Ericsson Award for Outstanding Product Achievement (Content and Application Mobility Industry)

UI/UX Design Patterns

Came across these links to UI/UX design patterns in a LinkedIn discussion thread – some good references for others that are interested in this sort of stuff:


App Demo Tools

The following works well for doing app demos for protoypes or pre-release apps:

  1. Take an “expendable” iTouch device with iOS4 on it
  2. Launch http://jailbreakme.com in Safari on the iTouch
  3. Install ScreenSplitr on iTouch from the Cydia app (http://cydia.saurik.com/)
  4. Install iDemo on your Mac or PC from http://www.plutinosoft.com/idemo $9.99

Makes an excellent tool for app demos to a room of people using a laptop projector or using gotomeeting for a remote demo.

GUI Mockup Tools Part 2

Two new mockup/wireframe design apps are now available for the iPad that are worth taking a look at:

My initial impression is that iMockups is the better of the two at the moment… but since I just started to play with them I will reserve judgement for a few weeks.

In general I find that doing a wireframe mockup on the iPad is a more fluid experience then using computer-based tools… it is going to be interesting to see how apps like this develop over time.

Mobile App Companies in the Ottawa Region

UPDATED: go here https://purplejunction.com/2012/08/25/updated-mobile-companies-in-ottawa/


There has been a lot of interest in the mobile app development cluster in Ottawa.  I recently took an  inventory of companies in Ottawa who were developing mobile apps or mobile related software.  The current list of companies I found is below:

If anyone has others to add please drop me a note at brian@purpleforge.com, or add to the comment thread for this posting.  I will keep this list up-to-date.

Looking for a job at a great mobile app company?  Send your resume to careers@purpleforge.com.

Older versions of this post:


Tools to Review Graphic Asset Designs

The following are web-based design collaboration tools for creative professionals whose final product is visual, e.g. design, application interface, graphics, advertisements, branding, video animation.   These tools allow graphic assets to be reviewed and commented on by team members and/or customers as part of a review process.  The tools are all online and hosted services.

Service URL Price
Notable http://www.notableapp.com/ $24 – $199/month
RedMark http://www.redmark.com/ free, pay services in future
ConceptShare http://www.conceptshare.com/ $24 – $99/month