Purple Forge is… award winning!

Purple Forge has done very well since our launch,  we have won international recognition and awards, including:

  • American Association of Political Consultants – Gold Pollie Award for Best Use of Mobile Technology in a Campaign 2010
  • Start Up to Watch – 2010
  • Aristotle Campaign Dream Team – Top Mobile Campaigner 2010
  • CATA Ericsson Award for Outstanding Product Achievement (Content and Application Mobility Industry) 2011
  • Aristotleʼs 2011 Global Campaign Dream Team
  • Six Pollie Awards at the annual American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) awards 2011
  • Digital Alberta Government 2.0 Award 2011

Pretty cool stuff!

Here are some pics of John Craig at some award ceremonies:

Digital Alberta Government 2.0
CATA Ericsson Award for Outstanding Product Achievement (Content and Application Mobility Industry)

Purple Forge CPAC 2010 App Doing Great!

Purple Forge and Raise Digital released an iPhone application for the CPAC 2010 conference being held this week.   Raise Digital has a good page talking about the app on their website.

So far the application has trended to #78 in Social Networking on the AppStore!

There is a lot of positive buzz in Twitter –

JonnyTorres Trying out the #cpac10 iPhone app… Impressed so far!! http://www.cpac.org

@ssbrumfield: iphone #CPAC10 application is awesome

commodoreboyd @jacobkampen Cpac10 iPhone app. It’s pretty awesome. #cpac10

Tons of mentions in blogs around the web…







CNN even did an article on it for their website!

What is the Mood of the Nation?

Mobile applications, combined with cloud computing and software offers the unique ability to reach out to the world and collect real-time information from the community. Ever wonder what the “Mood of the Nation” might be at any given hour? How about over a week? Month or more? The iPhone app “Mood of the Nation” does exactly that.

If you do not have an iPhone, you can still view the results online.

If you have an iPhone or iTouch – download the application and add your mood to the world view.