Social Networking and New Media Stats

Survey stats as of April 3, 2010 from Purple Forge iPhone applications show that Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are the top 3 social networking/media applications used by Purple Forge application users in the United Kingdom, USA and Canada.


What is the Mood of the Nation?

Mobile applications, combined with cloud computing and software offers the unique ability to reach out to the world and collect real-time information from the community. Ever wonder what the “Mood of the Nation” might be at any given hour? How about over a week? Month or more? The iPhone app “Mood of the Nation” does exactly that.

If you do not have an iPhone, you can still view the results online.

If you have an iPhone or iTouch – download the application and add your mood to the world view.

Key Economic Indicators

CIBC publishes two documents that provide a good summary of key economic indicators for US and Canada:

The Economist publishes weekly indicators.

BMO publishes three reports: