This book was a best seller back in its day!


Here is a presentation I did on the experience and process of writing the book.


I also wrote a screen play back in 2002, entered it in a contest (Robert De Niro’s Tribeca company was running it) and also subsequently marketed it to the various consumers of screen plays.   Unfortunately I didn’t win the contest, although they sent a nice note back.   I also wasn’t able to sell the screen play, but it was a very interesting activity to do from idea, to writing, to marketing it.

I have also authored a range of public presentations, conference papers and articles, including:

“Outthink to Compete: Embed Cognitive into Everything You Do”, GTEC, Nov 2016

“Community Engagement and Self-Service in the Age of Cognitive Computing, Mobile and IoT”,  World of Watson, 2016

“Unleashing Innovation through Canadian Ecosystems and Open Data” IPAC Webinar,  Jun 29, 2016

“Transforming Community Engagement for Government and Business:  Self-service with Purple Forge and Watson”, IBM Insights Conference, May 2016

“A Practical Perspective on Smart and Connected Communities”, Alberta Smart City Symposium, April 2016

“Brian Hurley (CEO Purple Forge) talks about his journey from Engineer to Entrepreneur”, IET Ottawa Network in conjunction with Algonquin College,  Apr 6, 2016

“Smart Government – Improving Citizen Engagement”, Rideau Club event hosted by Donna Cona, Dec 2016

“The Future is Closer then You (or Your Computer) Think”, Carleton University Technology Innovation and Management Program,  Aug 24, 2015

“Best of TIM Review for Technology Entrepreneurs”, Talent First Network, Feb 26, 2013

“The Business of Mobile Apps”, Carleton TIM Lecture Series, March 2012

“The Mobile Web of Everything – Using Apps to extend reach and engagement”,   International Association for Public Participation, Jun 12, 2011

“Startup Operation Training Module”, Lead to Win, 2010

“Enabling the Creative Entrepreneur: Business Ecosystems”,  TIM Review, Aug 2009

“So, you want to work in a start-up, eh?”, The Ottawa Network, 2009

“The Entrepreneurial Effect”, Invenire, 2009

“Lessons Learned Running a VC-backed Company”, OCRI Partnership Conference,  May 15, 2008

“The March of the Penguins”, L&W The State of Venture Capital, 2008

“A Practical View of Innovation”, OCRI, 2007

“Writing Out a Niche on the Internet”,  The Ottawa Network, 2007

“Experiences, Opinions and Thoughts on Canada Branding”, CATA Advantage Canada Summit, 2006

“Changing how commercialization is approached”,  OCRIApr 2005

“Software Development at Light Speed: A Case Study in Concurrent Software Delivery”, Gerry Monforton, Brian Hurley and Darryl Ryan, BNR/NT Design Forum, 1993

“SONET-based Fiber Transport Operations Management”, National Communications Forum, 1990

“Application of Object Oriented Techniques to Specification of SONET Transport Equipment”, Peter Birkwood, Brian Hurley and Lynton Auld, IEEE SONET Symposium, 1989

Operations, Administration and Maintenance of ISDN and its Relationship to TMN”, Brian Higgins, Brian Hurley and Rick Luxford, GLOBECOM, 1988

“A Survey of Dynamic Routing Methods for Circuit-Switched Traffic”, Brian Hurley, Chris Seidl, William Sewell, IEEE Communications Magazine, September, 1987

“Approach to Dimensioning Analysis of Telecom Canada’s CCS7 Network”, William Standish (Telecom Canada), Brian Hurley (MPR), INFOCOM, 1987

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