When I was around 6 years old I became enthralled with, and started following, the Apollo space program and kept clippings of all the missions from the Winnipeg Free Press.


I remember watching the Apollo 11 landing on a black and white TV while my mother was visiting a friend in their trailer home.  On that day I decided I wanted to be an astronaut and spent a ton of time researching how to do that at the local Portage la Prairie library.

Unfortunately back then only Americans were being selected for astronauts, most coming from the military.  I got excited and optimistic when I found out that I could join the US military… my plan then became to join the US Air Force as a jet pilot and make my way into test pilot training and from there become an astronaut.

I researched the requirements to apply and was saddened to find out that my eyesight was not good enough to allow me to apply.

So in 1970 I had to give up my dream to go into space.  But rather then become an astronaut I did the next best thing – I became an Engineer.

Recently it dawned on me that my dream to travel into space is a real possibility again…

SpaceXBlue Origin,  and Virgin Galactic are all bringing private space travel into the realm of reality.

So the dream is alive again!


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