In the summer of 1982, I worked for the Federal Government, Public Works, Architectural and Building Sciences.

My job interview as a bit confusing, but something I understood much better later in life.

I showed up at this huge imposing government for my interview.  I signed in and a nice admin escorted me though a maze of passages until we arrived at a cubicle facing the window on baseline road.  I was introduced to two middle aged men, both dressed conservatively without a tie.  I was invited to sit down and the interview began, they began:

“You are an electrical engineering student?”


“Do you know how to program in 8080 assembly?”


“Do you think you can learn how to program in 8080 assembly?”


“You are going to Carleton University?”


“We are Carleton Engineers too –  congratulations the job is yours!”

I spent that summer in the basement of the Sir Charles Tupper Building.  It was me, a bunch of computers, old furniture, a VAX minicomputer and a liquid nitrogen plant.  It was dark, dry, chilly and very quiet…. they told me what they wanted and they left me alone for the summer.

I loved that job and appreciated the importance of alumni.


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