Balloon Popping Personal Hand-held Laser

I remember going to the Ontario Science Center to see their demonstration of balloon popping with their room-size laser… now I can own a balloon popping laser that is the size of a flashlight….


One thought on “Balloon Popping Personal Hand-held Laser

  1. JimC

    I remember the OSC in general and the laser demo in particular as well! That was one of my fave demos (that, and the low-power laser nearby which carried the audio signal that you could block with your hand). Going from memory, didn’t the OSC laser have high-temp bricks which were good for some ridiculously high temp, something like 3500ºF, which it would very slowly work its way through? And the demonstrator would invariably pass other things through the beam at various waypoints in the process, to demonstrate the intensity; I seem to recall them passing a glass (Pyrex?) tube through the beam, and it would erupt into flame (plasma?). Way cool. I’m no longer living in the GTA, but I went to the OSC soo many times when I was younger….

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