Celine Dion Bought Me Supper

Yesterday I travelled to Schwartz’s Deli (wiki, yelp) in Montreal for a dinner meeting.

While waiting in line to get in, Celine Dion and her husband pulled up in two black suburbans and walked in.

She was there for over an hour with a professional photographer taking pics of her.  She was very nice to anyone who came up to her to talk or ask for a photo.

She left just before we did and when we asked for our bill we were told “Celine paid for it”.   Apparently anyone who was in the restaurant while she was there had their meal paid for by her.  Now that is a cool thing to do.

It struck me as odd that she would eat at Schwartz’s until I found out that she is part of a consortium that purchased Schwartz’s Deli back in March.

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