BlueStacks makes no sense to me

Bluestack is a company that supports android apps running on Windows and OSX.  They have raised over $14M in VC money so far.

The way it works:

You install their software on your PC.   You create a Bluestack cloud account.   You then install their Android app on your Android device and select the apps you want to sync to their cloud service in order for you to be able to run your apps (or rather a subset of your apps that are supported in the emulated environment) on your PC.

According to one recent investor, “Consumers are increasingly looking for computing experiences that enable them to access their apps across different platforms,” said VP of Qualcomm Ventures Nagraj Kashyap. “We believe BlueStacks is well-positioned to capitalize on the marriage of mobile and PC.”

As with most emulated environments, particularly those that involve graphics, the current Bluestack emulated environment leaves a lot to be desired relative to running Android apps with the same performance and fidelity.   Also interacting with touch-based apps on a mouse-based interface leaves a lot to be desired.

The investment premise that consumers “want this” type of experience does not resonate with me.

However, I guess time will tell….


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