Online Clothes Ordering – The Challenge of Getting the Right Fit

There are several new companies trying to solve the very challenging issue of making online clothing “fitting” work.   Issues include (ref: “Overcoming the Challenges of Selling Clothing and Apparel Online“):

  • Customers are not able to closely inspect and see the product. Perception of the product depends on the quality and even size of the computer monitors of the online shoppers.
  • Clothes and shoes cannot be tried on when shopping online. This limits the ability of the buyer to evaluate the product, how it will look on them and how well it fits.
  • Nuances of the product may not be fully captured on the computer screen, such as the details in the design, or even the colors. The “flashy gold” color of a shoes onscreen may actually be “muted pale gold” in close inspection.
  • It is harder to put an outfit together. In the store, you can take several pieces with you in the dressing room to see how well each item works together as an outfit.
  • There’s also the absence of personal interaction with the sales team. Unlike in a physical store, a sales clerk or even the store owner can immediately assist customers in choosing the right products, and answer any questions or concerns that they may have.
  • Hassles of returns when the product is not as expected or does not fit.

Here are a few of the companies in this space:




True & Co.


Body Metrics



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