My Indochino Experience – Bottom Line: Not Recommended

Back in April I ordered a suit from Indochino.

My initial experience was positive – – my order was taken and my credit card was billed quickly, with delivery of the suit guaranteed to be within 21 days.

After more then a month waiting without any suit, I reached out to Indochino customer support to find out what was going on. Their website had a big warning about a heavy backlog of emails.   My support query did not result in any response other then an automated “we received your request” email that arrived 3 days later.

After waiting for a few more weeks for followup – I finally gave up on their online “support”, tracked down the CEO on linkedin and sent him an eMail asking for his help in getting a refund.  Very quickly (within a day) after my request I was contacted by customer support on Jul 3 and was told they had lost my account details, but they had my measurements and were going to give me a free suit as compensation for the problems as well as refunding my original payment.

The response from support via the CEO was very positive.

Unfortunately it was a huge disappointment when the suit finally arrived.

The suit  cloth quality was poor (comparably priced Moores suits have better quality cloth) and it fit far more poorly then any un-tailored off-the-rack suit I have ever come across — which was surprising and very disappointing since it was their travelling tailor that did the measurements.

Not ready to quite give up on Indochino – I visited a local tailor to see if they could salvage the suit.  It turned out that the suit was constructed in such a manner that the necessary adjustments for the jacket and pants were not possible.

Bottom line, the effort to document the issues, submit a return request and send back the suit seems more trouble then it is worth.


One thought on “My Indochino Experience – Bottom Line: Not Recommended

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