Vinod’s 12 “Unhyped” New Areas in Internet and Mobile

  1. Data Reduction or Filters: “Reducing, filtering and processing data streams to deliver the information or action that is relevant to you.”
  2. Big data or Analytics: “Analyzing massive amounts of structured and unstructured data to deliver unique services or analysis.”
  3. Emotion: “Services that evoke strong emotions in users.”
  4. Education 2.0 : “Education models that dramatically reduce the cost and increase the availability of quality learning.”
  5. TV 2.0 : “TV as an interactive and social experience both on the primary and the second screen.”
  6. Social Next : “Social as a useful and productive part of lives—enabling collaboration and deep community building around the world in specific areas.”
  7. Interest-based networks: “User driven content that maps to people’s interests both for a better user experience and better targeting.”
  8. Health 2.0 : “Exponentially growing data will yield personalized lifestyle suggestions, improved outcomes, predictive diagnostics and applications we can’t imagine.”
  9. Internet of Things/Universal ID/NFC/Smart sensors: “Sensors and authentication technologies which will interconnect everything and remake our interaction with the world around us.”
  10. Personal Collaborative Publishing : “Truly free press with no barriers to entry and personalized interest-based curation.”
  11. Utility Apps: “Leverage device ubiquity and context to deliver valuable services.”
  12. Marketplaces & Disintermediation : “Remove the middle man, increase market efficiency and produce better results, faster.“



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