Mac vs PC… Move from Old to New Computer… Mac Wins

I have gone through many Windows PC’s in my time.   Every time I had to go from an old PC to a new one it was a nightmare of pain and frustration to move the files and to re-install all the apps.  I tried commercial software to help manage the upgrades, external disks, etc…. but it was always a major investment in time and energy.  Further, I always ended up with a PC that I had to spend ongoing time to reset preferences, re-install software, etc, etc.

On the Mac… I recently updated my laptop from an older MacBook to a new MacBook Pro.  I used Apples Migration assistant.   A cable connection between the old mac and the new, a few key clicks… let it run overnight… and done!

All my old apps, all my docs… everything – and I mean everything – as it was before.  Now that is the way a computer upgrade should be…

Who would have believed it could be so easy!


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