New Stats on Smartphone Consumer Preferences… Apple #1

Some recent published studies find that iPhone is preferred over Android.

ChangeWave said it surveyed 4,163 U.S. consumers and found that consumers, when asked which mobile OS they would prefer in the next smartphone they planned to purchase, favored Apple’s iOS by a significant amount.

About 48 percent of those surveyed said they actually plan to buy an Apple iPhone. The firm also showed that those that purchased an iOS device were the happiest with their purchase.


Customers also expressed a strong preference for the iOS operating system in general over Android, according to the survey.About 46 percent of consumers said they would choose an iOS phone like the iPhone 4, versus 32 percent for Android and just 4 percent for RIM.

Another recent survey by Piper JAffray finds:

Nearly half of all Android and BlackBerry users plan to switch to an iPhone.


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