Connecting with Community Priorities – Interactive Q&A

Purple Forge has a new product that we first rolled out for the City of Calgary earlier in the year.  The product is called “Community Priorities”.

Community Priorities is a platform that enables organizations to collect and prioritize ideas or questions in a grassroots fashion that is transparent, inclusive and bottom-up way.

Community Priorities supports multiple web-based platforms, allowing users to create a website, web widget, Facebook app and mobile website where visitors can vote on ideas and upload new ones.

The point is to encourage participation – meaningful participation – with a simple interface that works on the most heavily trafficked platforms on the Internet today.  The inclusive, intuitive and fun voting process yields powerful results.

The Ottawa Chamber of Commerce deployed Community Priorities to prioritize which questions the Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty, would answer first during a Q&A session after a speech on the future of healthcare spending in Ontario.  This built on the earlier success of the use of Community Priorities to both collect and rank questions for Bob Chiarelli, the Minister of Infrastructure and Government about the next generation of infrastructure spending in the city of Ottawa.

Both the audience and the speakers were all very engaged and appreciative of the use of Community Priorities as a method to facilitate and mediate the question and answer sessions.

Want to know more?  Contact John Craig at – he’s the guy sitting down, middle of the photo in the grey jacket below :


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