Troubling Insights on MaRS, OCRI, Communitech?

Greg Boutin has published several very pointed blog articles, pulling back the covers on MaRS and where our tax dollars are going… definitely worth a read!

The articles also calls  out OCRI and Communitech for their lack of transparency.

UPDATE April 30:

Jim Watson echos concerns of local community, highlighting OCRI’s lack of focus, and calls for change.

“The City doesn’t own OCRI”, Claude Hawe, OCRI CEO

UPDATE May 26 – OCRI not in the loop Part 1

“OCRI not aware…”

Only one Ottawa firm participating in McGuinty’s trade mission to Israel – OCRI “We don’t know anything about that trade mission”

UPDATE July – New Organization to be Funded

Mayor Jim Watson announces funding of new economic development organization – “Invest Ottawa”.  


One thought on “Troubling Insights on MaRS, OCRI, Communitech?

  1. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the nice words. The largest problem with this issue is the lack of “social networking”: many, many people think the same way, as shown by all the emails I receive, but very few dared to mention it, so they don’t know each other and their efforts cannot be concentrated effectively to effect change.

    I wrote those posts and offered a set of facts to build a base for collaboration on this issue and make it easier for others to speak up. I look forward to hearing from the experience of your readers, who can post them here or reach me at

    Thanks again,

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