VMWare Fusion or Parallels on OSX?

I have been running VMWare Fusion 3 and recently installed Parallels 5 on my OSX 10.6.2  MacBook.

Within a short period of using it I decided to delete VMWare Fusion 3 and go with Parallels 5:

  • I was able to very easily import the VMWare Fusion virtual machine image into Parallels 5
  • I liked the integration options of Parallels with OSX (in particular the fast transition between fullscreen mode and windowed)
  • I liked the way Parallels asked for which OS to connect a USB device to when it came active; and
  • I particularly liked that Parallels ran XP noticeably faster then VMWare Fusion




One thought on “VMWare Fusion or Parallels on OSX?

  1. Hi Brian,

    Many thanks for the information on Parallels 5. I am waiting patiently for my iMac to arrive (build and despatchg 11 Dec arrive 22 Dec with normal provisos of course) and have been looking at Parallels as I do hav eto use MS Access. Been involved with MS since early DOS days so a bit od reading in hand as I prepare to jump to MAC OS X Snow Leopard.

    Many thanks

    Nottingham, UK

    p.s. Not my website but within it.

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