Fewer People Dying?

According to the Globe and Mail today – the funeral industry is in decline due to a decline in the death rate.


One thought on “Fewer People Dying?

  1. I wouldn’t look at it as less people are dying if placing the stats next to funeral homes doing less business. I would guess it’s because it costs a small fortune to be stuck in a box and put in a plot.

    Since, well looking at the market conditions and the shape of RRSP’s, most people will probably be looking at a paupers grave. Since it’s done at a reasonable $500 and the container is usually a bag given to the family. The ashes are scattered wherever, that is the most popular form and while a funeral home does provide those services, so do hospitals. Ever wonder what happens to a hobo/bum dies? Not like they have a fund set aside usually, they croak like everyone else sooner or later.

    A funeral home doesn’t deal with that sort of service, they deal with the plot sales, caskets, service, food and body preparation. So far for all the funeral home services I’ve been too have run into the 40k range and that’s on the cheap end. Seriously I would think there are more people that opt for cheaper body disposal.

    As ghoulish as this sounds in our lifetime we’ll watch bodies being shipped somewhere else for “packaging” and delivery via fex-ex, in lieu of fed ex, dead-ex.

    In North America, we ship our recyclables to China for processing. We’ve been doing it for years as Canucks, by sub-sub-contract shipping our recyclable junk to another country because it’s significantly cheaper. Kinda cancels out that whole good green carbon foot print nonsense doesn’t it while trying to be green. Why not the dead? Not like the person would care, family would though, but put a price tag on something that has to be done people will buy it. Even shipping the dead to cremate them because it’s 1/10th the cost.

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