Recession Proof Businesses – US Gun Shops

According to Reuters, in the first two months of 2009, around 2.5 million Americans bought guns, a 26 percent increase over the same period in 2008. Gun dealers report this rise in sales to be a consequence of fear of social unrest as the ailing economy pushes the newly destitute deeper into misery.

The Orlando Sentinel’s also reports that gun dealers are experiencing shortages of bullets

Some say it began with the election of President Barack Obama. Others say it’s about the economic downturn or fear of crime. Whatever the reasons, ammunition has been selling like plywood and bottled water in the days before a hurricane.

Eleanor Duckwall’s blog on the nationwide ammunition shortage that has hit the U.S.  provides a comprehensive review of the various possible reasons for the ammunition shortage, which may include:

  • An increase in the size and number of paramilitary police units
  • An increase in the use of “patrol carbines” in law enforcement
  • Fears of draconian gun and ammunitions restrictions
  • Economic instability

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2 thoughts on “Recession Proof Businesses – US Gun Shops

  1. Couldn’t the spur of buying be brought on through the fear of loosing them? Many gun owners believe that President Obama may try to resurrect bans on firearms.

    Just food for thought.

  2. There was a 49% increase in the gun purchases in November 2008 – any correlation with the elections, one wonders? Recently our office spoke with an 83-year-old lady in California. She reported that she is closing her store because the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has denied her license. Donna has been in business for 44 years and has had this license since 1968 but for some undefined reason, they do not see fit to renew it this year. She fought hard to keep her store in business, went to hearing and even brought the District Attorney with her, but the BATF said that she didn’t cross her T’s and dot her I’s, they said she needed to provide the right documentation. Basically, they didn’t give her any hard reason. According to Donna, the ATF has put 50,000 businesses across the country out of business. In California, there used to be 5000 dealers – now they’re down to 1200. She says to spread the word. Recession proof? Maybe. But certainly not immune to the likes of ATF.

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