Carleton University Poster Session – Innovation, Talent, Commercialization

I attended the Carleton University engineering poster session on Mar 20th.  89 engineering students  displayed the results of 36 4th year projects (

The projects ranged from the abstract to the commercially viable, and from simple to complex.  The one thing that stood out in general was the high quality of the students.   The projects I found  most interesting were the ones which struck me as being commercially viable with further development – examples from the poster session included:

  • An application which linked exercise equipment (in this case a treadmill) into a virtual reality world where the treadmill user could “run” through the virtual reality world and potentially interact with other users around the world
  • An inexpensive and compact wireless sensors technology that automatically create a wireless mesh communication network to allow easy deployment of sensors (e.g., smoke detector) without the cost of dedicated wires (or even electrical outlet)
  • An iPhone-based geo-tagged photo blogging application
  • A Nintendo Wii technology-based interactive projection “whiteboard’

Poster sessions like this can be a great way to help advance commercialization of university work and link local investors/entrepreneurs to ideas and talent.


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