Cities in Ontario at Over 10% Unemployment

An increasing number of cities in Ontario are significantly above the national average of 7.7% unemployment, including:

  • Windor 12.6%
  • London 8.4%
  • Kitchener 9.1%
  • Hamilton 8.4%
  • St-Catherines-Niagara 9.5%
  • Hamilton 8.4%
  • Toronto 8.3%
  • Oshawa 8.2%

Ottawa is at 4.6%, but this low number may be misleading due to the outflow of laid-off workers from the city.  During past tech layoffs Stats Canada reported that, 2 out of 5 laid off tech workers left Ottawa — with the declining prospects for tech workers in Ottawa, this rate of departures will likely have increased in the current downturn.


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