Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters See Increasing Challenges in 2009

The Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) Association released a report in late February, that summarized survey results from Canadian manufacturers and exporters on their perceptions of business conditions.  

Key trends from the survey include:

  • A majority of manufacturers and exporters expect the value of new orders to fall over the next three months – 56 per cent say that orders are likely to decrease between February and May. This is a less optimistic outlook than in January when only 43 per cent of companies were expecting new orders to drop in the coming three months.
  • 45 per cent of companies say that employment levels are likely to fall. This is slightly higher than the 42 per cent of companies that expected their employment levels to fall in the January survey.
  • The credit crunch is affecting smaller companies the most, but larger companies are now reporting difficulty accessing financing. 60 per cent of manufacturers and exporters report difficulties accessing adequate levels of financing including obtaining working capital, extending lines of credit, accessing financing for new technologies and product development.

3 thoughts on “Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters See Increasing Challenges in 2009

  1. ED

    Hello Brian;

    Sorry to say, but you are still too conservative on your figures.
    It will become much worse !!
    Flow charts, do not show what percentage of foreign owned corporations, control our Canadian Industries !

    VERY VERY important information, regarding Canadian industries.

    Canadian Manufacturing Will Be In Total Turmoil !!

    I am a technical writer, and like to keep my articles plane and simple, to the fact.

    All of my sent articles, have been deleted from and .

    Though the new U.S.A. Government, likes to keep their their population fully informed, Canadian Government likes to keep us in a well protected bubble, offering us a false front !!


    My History;

    – Working in manufacturing, since 1969.
    – Graduated as a Tool & Die Maker.
    – Became a manufacturing engineer.
    – Specializing in CNC manufacturing.
    – Presently unemployed. Never Prior 2007
    – Ran out of E.I. benefits.
    – A behavior course, rated me as, Double Analytical.

    I live in Kitchener Ontario.

    BF Goodrich (x2) plants, failed, and was purchased by the FRENCH – Michelin Tire!
    Now producing tires, with different brand names, for many sectors of the Canadian market.

    M.T.D. was a very successful manufacturing plant, producing lawn mowers and snow blowers. The U.S. purchased this manufacturing facility, and later removed operations, from Canada.

    BUDD Automotive, a U.S. built plant, now Kitchener Frame, had several owners, NEVER Canadian owned.
    Kitchener Frame, is now permanently closed.

    Babcock & Wilcox Canada, manufactures and services steam-generating equipment for nuclear power plants. U.S. corporate owned.

    TOYOTA Automotive manufacturing plant, is controlled and operated by the JAPANEES !!

    DIEMACO, manufactures the C7 assault rifle. The rifles manufactured at this facility, out performed any other C7 assault rifles, used in N.A.T.O. Guess what, this company was sold to COLT industries, the “HOME” U.S. plant for the C7 assault rifle.

    The total surrounding area, consists of hundreds of small manufacturing facilities. When driving through the industrial sectors, US and foreign flags are shown.
    May I ask why this is so. Could it be that the companies head office, is outside of Canada.


    Ontario has many cities producing vehicles, and automotive parts, for FORD, GM, and CHRYSLER.
    The three (x3) big automotive giants, are “NOT” owned, or controlled by any Canadian Private Corporation. We as Canadians, do not have any “DIRECT” control over any automotive car manufacture.
    Unlike many countries, France, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, and world wide, Canada does “NOT” manufacture a true 100% Canadian vehicle.

    Guess who now owns STELCO steel, in Hamilton Ontario. UNITED STATES STEEL CORPORATION.

    The Athabasca Oil Sands Project’s (AOSP) Muskeg River Mine in Alberta, is operated by CHEVRON, that is headquartered in San Ramon, California, U.S.A.

    Though MAGNA STEYR, a giant automotive parts supplier, in Ontario Canada, there are many world wide plants.


    Many foreign small and large corporations, including the U.S.A. will pull out what remaining manufacturing companies that exist in Canada, to protect jobs in their own, home land.
    For a U.S. manufacturing company, to get any Federal Government Aid, their product must be 100% U.S.
    Ignoring the direct automotive sector, this will effect many hundreds of small manufacturing companies in Canada.
    Canadian manufacturing, is “OVER” paying high insurance rates, high taxes, without any financial aid. Banks that will “NOT” help the private business sector.

    Our Canadian, small manufacturing sector, must be aided and protected.
    In time, Canadian Manufacturing, will totally crash, big time, and we will never be able to recover.

    We are number “ONE” (#1), in the world, when it comes to our financial and banking institutes, thanks to Prime Minister Jean Chrétien.
    – BUT –
    We as Canadians, do not directly own or control, our manufacturing sector, or destiny.

    The world countries will be changing, and we will be left behind.
    Our Canadian politics, and attitude “MUST” change, now, before it is too late.
    Just look at a case history, when the U.S. pulled out Mcdonald, Douglas Aerospace, when things got slow.

    I would like to see an actual flow chart, comparing;
    – Canadian Private Corporations,
    – U.S. Corporations,
    – Foreign Corporations.

    – We must not forget Canadian OWNED Government Corporations, as separate value. (EX; Health Institutions, Air Transportation, Railways, Truck Freight, TV, Radio, etc.)


    Regards, -ED- (Age 57)

    P.S. Canadian Manufacturing = R.I.P.

  2. Hi Ed; great points and yes it points right back at the canadian Government, as to how and who they want to help, more cases then no, it’s there own friends and big money even if the big money is loosing people left and right, I am sitting here with a canadian patend, manufacturing a canadian product, with canadian people, exporting to the USA, loosing market share because of Government decisions. when I ask for a little help, I am sent here and there, for a year now, this all takes a toll, I see no help and loosing hope.

  3. ED

    Hi Brian;

    The Canadian Government does not care about the manufacturing sector. Every man for himself. That is why a mast majority of our manufacturing, is foreign controlled.

    I live in Ontario. My last place of employment, now closed, received special grants. We received government grants. I am not sure if it is Federal or Provincial.

    Manufacturing can receive grants under Research and Development.
    In all manufacturing there is always R&D.

    I built and set up a custom fixture to be mounted onto a 4Th axis CNC mill. I kept records and information for our R&D.

    We did receive some funds for this project, and other new developed projects.

    Look for manufacturing aid, under R&D.
    You may be able to recoup some of your losses.


    – ED –

    P.S. Watch out for the Chinese !
    They do not respect any patents !
    Large European Manufacturing, lost their patents.

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