Trigence Becomes AppZero

Local start-up Trigence has quietly changed it’s name to AppZero as well as quietly ejecting the last founder from the team.   Trigence had a great product but has not appeared to make any significant sales or progress since CEO Chuck Colford departed.  Unfortunately Trigence/AppZero’s new direction does not appear very compelling in an already crowded virtualization market that is dominated by VMWare, XEN and soon Microsoft.

The main industry news on Trigence appears to be on the ongoing churn in senior leadership.

Trigence’s new logo and name are both very close to NetZero (I did a double-take myself since NetZero is a well-known brand), so it won’t be surprising if they end up having to change their name –



One thought on “Trigence Becomes AppZero

  1. Hugh

    Just came across this while investigating local companies. I haven’t heard anything thing about NetZero since the early 2000s when they dumped their old business model and alienated everyone, but AppZero is still AppZero as of 2012. They seem well-positioned to take advantage of the cloud computing revolution. Not sure if it will translate into real success though.

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