Jeffrey Dale Has Left the Building

Jeffrey Dale stepped down as OCRI CEO last week.   

Over the years, I used the OCRI services for the launch and ramp of both Liquid Computing and Purple Forge.  Liquid Computing and myself were both honored to receive OCRI Awards and recognition.   Moreover, I have benefited from Jeffrey’s personal help and support.

As a result of my belief in the good work that OCRI was doing for our community and my positive personal experiences with the OCRI team and Jeffrey, I joined the OCRI board of directors two years ago.   

With Jeffrey’s departure, I spent some time this weekend reflecting on what I will remember the most about OCRI under Jeffrey’s leadership.   There are a long list of things I will remember, but the three things that will stand out the most in my memory about Jeffrey are that  – 

  • Jeffrey was a very active and very visible cheerleader for Ottawa and the tech community.  He was also an articulate spokesman –  he put a face on the local tech community and was a visible advocate of its interests;  
  • Jeffrey worked tirelessly on behalf of the community in general – the job was definitely not a 9 to 5 type of job;
  • Jeffrey established a team at OCRI that was very much focused on the entreprenuer – in my direct experience – the OCRI team is responsive, knowledgeable and sincerely interested in making a difference, and that reflects on its leadership.

Thanks Jeffrey!


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