Chrysler to Canada – Hand Over the Cash or I Shoot 9,000 Kittens!

According to the Globe and Mail, Chrysler has resorted to extortion in order to extract tax payer money to prop up their failing company.  According to the article:

At a parliamentary committee hearing last night, Chrysler president Thomas LaSorda said the company would commit to maintaining roughly a quarter of its North American production in Canada if its “needs” are met.

Chrysler then went on to list three demands/conditions of Chrysler continuing operations in Canada: union concessions, tax payer money, and an agreement that Canada will back off on its tax collection efforts to recover $1B in taxes it currently owes the Canadian people.

Canada’s Industry Minister Tony Clement has responded today saying that

(Chrysler officials) “can say whatever they want. … Taxpayers expect us to apply the same rules to everybody in Canada and we’re not going to change the rules for Chrysler”


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