Depression 2.0 – Hoovervilles/Shantytowns/Tent Cities Have Arrived in the US

There are numerous tent cities starting to appear in the United States as the financial crisis continues to hit hard.

Growing Tent City Outside of Sacramento California

The Daily Mail in the UK reports on the growing number of unemployed in the US moving into tent cities.  The article talks to the growing tent city outside of Sacramento California.  Surprisingly,  Sacramento’s mayor, Kevin Johnson views this as a viable solution to handling the increasing number of unemployed.  The Mayor is quoted as saying:

‘I can’t say tent cities are the answer to the homeless population in Sacramento, but I think it’s one of the many things that should be considered and looked at.’

There are an increasing number of videos that document this disturbing trend –

NBC News March 2009

There are many other videos on You Tube and elsewhere.  Wikipedia also has a list of cities.

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