The Death of Canadian R&D Spending

The 2008 report on Canadian R&D spending from Research Infosource identifies the following top 10 R&D spenders –

Nortel $1.851B
BCE $1.26B
Magna $.725B
Pratt and Whitney $.444B
IBM $.377B
Atomic Energy of Canada $.228B
RIM $.253B
Alcatel-Lucent $.236B
Sanofi-Aventis Group $.207B
Apotex Inc $.181B

Nortel currently accounts for 32% of the R&D spend in the top 10 spenders in Canada, and Magna (automotive parts) currently accounts for 13%.   Over 45% of the R&D spend of the top 10 spenders in Canada is in decline and at risk of evaporating to nothing.

Unfortunately – RIM which is always held up as the shining tech light for Canada – isn’t even in the same league as Nortel and never will be.   It could be argued that RIM is likely to rapidly diminish in size/scope over the coming years as technologies such as the iPhone and Android continue to see rapid adoption.


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