The Next Crisis – Ballooning National Debt?

United States Federal Debt as a % of GDP

As of Sept 30 2008, the US national debt was estimated to be $10 Trillion. This is roughly $35,469 per US taxpayer. The debt is continuing to grow in the wake of the increasing size of the stimulus budget items.

Canadian Federal Debt as % of GDP

As of February 2009, the federal debt stands at roughly $458-billion.  This is roughly $13,685 per Canadian taxpayer. This is an upward trend with the recent federal budget, which reduces the debt reduction activities of past government budgets.

Who Owns the US National Debt?

The view from an independent analysis based on January 2007 data:

The view from the US Federal government for Sept 2008:World National Debt by % of GDP (2007 from CIA estimates)


One thought on “The Next Crisis – Ballooning National Debt?

  1. Alex

    Congress passed an act in 1961 which allows people to donate to the bureau of national debt. You can donate any amount of money to them.

    the adress is:
    Department of public debt
    P.O Box 2188
    Parkersburg,WV 260106-2188

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