Is the End Near for Newspapers?

The Pew Research Center published a report in Dec 2008 which identified a significant trend that may represent the beginning of the end for traditional Newspapers.

For the first time, more people (40%) said they rely mostly on the internet for news than cite newspapers (35%).

Another interesting trend is the Amazon Kindle.  I have had one of the Kindle’s since it came out.  For travelling, there is nothing better.  On the Kindle you can get books and newspapers delivered wirelessly to the device.

The price for the Kindle is around $349, but is likely to continue to drop in price.

Newspapers and magazines have repeatedly tried to sell their content in various online formats targeted at PC users but generally met with limited results.  I have tried several of these “digital editions” and have found them to be cumbersome to navigate and inconvenient to access.   Portable devices such as the Kindle and Sony eReader present a much more portable, and straight-forward user experience.  I imagine an Apple eReader can’t be far off…

For years I religiously subscribed to home delivery of local and national newspapers (more then one).  I stopped subscribing more then 10 years ago after I subscribed to broadband internet service.   Looking back on the last year I have purchased a newspaper less then 10 times when I have been out of the house with some time to kill.

Google is helping the demise of newspaper with it’s recently announced plans to start offering advertising on it’s Google News service.

A related personal trend I have noticed is that I no longer simply rely upon traditional news producers for my insights and opinions, but tend to draw upon a much wider set of sources – including blogs, ezines, etc.

Allan Mutter has a great blog that talks to the mistakes, challenges and general state of the news publishers.

Times are changing.


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