How do Keystone Organizations in the “Creative Class” Ecosystem-based Economy Make Money?

Keystone organizations in an Ecosystem need money to operate and sustain their functions.   The nature of how the keystone organization makes money depends upon whether it is a not for profit (social economy business) or a for profit (commercial business).

A not for profit Keystone organization typically makes its money through some or all of the following means:

  • Selling memberships
  • Selling consulting services
  • Selling documentation and books related to the Ecosystem platform product
  • Accelerating feature developments on the Ecosystem platform product in return for cash
  • Selling support for the Ecosystem platform product or service
  • Selling advertising on Keystone-associated websites, printed publications
  • Selling t-shirts/etc with the Keystone logos/tag-lines
  • Soliciting donations from Ecosystem users/consumers, e.g. through Paypal
  • Running conferences and symposiums
  • Selling company/product listing services for Ecosystem suppliers
  • Selling training services/courses related to the Ecosystem platform product
  • Selling certifications for products which use the Ecosystem product platform
  • Selling infrastructure services which the Ecosystem product uses, e.g. webservices
  • Selling sponsorships to commercial organizations in return for access to Ecosystem members, e.g. through offering of meetings, special offers/discounts from commercial businesses to its members
  • Government grants

A for profit Keystone organization may also make its money from any of the above, but may also include some or all of the following as key sources of revenue:

  • Sales channel and associated contract/transactions between consumers and suppliers of the channel  (e.g. Apple Apps Store, oDesk)
  • Selling products that are complimentary to the base product platform and other Ecosystem members that the Ecosystem is based on (and not competing directly with the Ecosystem suppliers)

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