Obama Inauguration January 2009

I was lucky to visit Washington DC during the Obama Inauguration with Dr Mark Miller and his sons Michael and David.

Tuesday was a long day.   We had to get up at 1:30AM on Tuesday to drive to the West Falls Church Metro station.  We then stood in line at 3:30AM waiting for the Metro station to open at 4AM.  We made it downtown and onto the National Mall around 4:30AM – we followed the crowd through the fence that was pushed down by over-eager Obama supporters – security wasn’t quite ready at that early hour.

Once on the National Mall, there was little to do but stand around and try to keep warm – it was cold.  I thought I was well dressed for the weather, but when my feet went numb and I started to shiver, I decided to throw in the towel.  I  left the Mall and headed back to the hotel around 7:30AM.   It took almost 3 hours to get back to the hotel due to the crush of people arriving.   In the end it turned out that watching the Obama Inauguration on TV was almost like being out on the Mall – except I was warm.

Mark and his two sons toughed it out to hear the speech from the National Mall.   They got to watch the Inauguration on the Jumbo-tron TV screens and experience the excitement of the crowd in person.  They arrived back at the hotel (ecstatic) around 4PM – Mark literally laid down on the floor within minutes of walking in the hotel room  and was instantly asleep.

Some pics from the day are below –


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